#NoCondom...Total Freedom...Exercise Your #FreeWill!!!

Party Like Its 1999...Again!

Party like its’99….Again!!! Remember Prince?  1999?  If not then you need to go google that shyte or something cuz you won’t understand this…well you will but…
jon0h Jul 22, 2014

Love & Hip Hop:Indies

So earlier I had the greatest idea after receiving an email informing me that Iggy Azalea was no longer #1 on Billboards.  My mind briefly…
jon0h Jul 17, 2014

Hot New Hip Hop Releases!!!

I remember sitting in algebra class waiting for the bell to ring.  This was the last class before lunch…Lunch which meant total freedom for at least 30-45…
jon0h Jul 15, 2014

Hidden in Plain View

nbsp;    So lately I’ve been delving into life at incredible speeds, trying to learn what our ancestors knew.  What I’ve found has been astounding…
jon0h Jul 14, 2014


1st off let me say... Haha not really.....but yeah.  Anyways tho, folk like me get the wierdest cravings at times and this particular link just seemed…
jon0h Jul 11, 2014

Other People Paper (O.P.P Revisited)

O.P.P. (revisited)   ‘S happenin? Hope everyone out there had a Safe…Fun-Filled Holiday weekend!!! I know there was tons of DANCE PARTIES(‘99*) out there!!! Unfortunately I’m still sittin…
jon0h Jul 09, 2014
FireWorks on Memeorial Day Weekend!vid

FireWorks on Memeorial Day Weekend!

So I just caught wind of the Floyd Mayweather vs TI scuffle in Las Vegas, pretty easy to decide who you think would win.  Whose…
jon0h May 25, 2014
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jon0h May 18, 2014
Love and HipHopvid

Love and HipHop

IDK what happened we were fine but I sensed a little tension.  I heard Jigga say something...not sure what it was.  Solange just kinda snapped…
jon0h May 12, 2014

Comics & HipHop

HAPPY FRIDAY  ALL! Today I woke up feeling really good, even my dream was dope as hell; it let me know that yoUr future is as bright…
jon0h May 02, 2014

A Modern Day Clockwork Orange(Soundtrack Added)

Black ClockWork(Soundtrack Added)        "Know you gotta cry, just to smile" the opening line(lyric) of Black ClockWork, and it gives you a basic outline and…
jon0h Apr 18, 2014

Hip Hop and Coachella

Coachella weekend 1 just ended, and from what was shared it looks (Speechless)   Shid makes me feel there....Anyways I felt all inquisitive this morning and wanted…
jon0h Apr 14, 2014
Jon Oh(official) (more info)
  • Label: None
  • Label Type: unsigned
  • About:
    Our Story

    Jon-Oh, what we have here is your typical Clark Kent; Regular Joe Schmoe to the public, but actually supernatural in disguise. He never let go of the idea "you can do anything you put your mind to", and this idea fostered into a religious belief. He channeled all of this energy into music as this outlet was introduced to him as a child at the age of nine, or ten. Watching his older relatives(brother, cousins) go through the music recording process fascinated him, and made him want nothing more than to be a part of it. Jon-Oh started writing songs, with big dreams that he never woke up from.

    Drawing inspirations from his everyday life, Jon-Oh created songs that he felt were good, and he could truly relate too, and it wasn't long before others felt him too. Throughout school Jon-Oh built a buzz/name amongst his peers, as a talented rapper. They would always encourage him, and all of this positive energy propelled him to join forces with a close cousin of his(Nano, he'll be explained further later), and start development on a recording studio. By the time he was twenty he'd have a pretty impressive recording studio. Here he would spend hundreds of hours perfecting, and honing his skill. Creating song, after song, listening for imperfections, and critiquing himself.

    When he felt comfortable enough Jon-Oh released eps, and collaborations which he passed out around town to acquire a larger "buzz." Things were going good when Jon-Oh hit his first of several potholes on his road to success. Although his music was good, it wasn't bringing in any money, or the kind he felt was necessary to run his "operation", so he found other ways. Through several run-ins with the law, and some pure misfortune, Jon-Oh lost a year's worth of time, and music, but that wasn't enough to stop him.

    Realizing the error of his ways, Jon-Oh first found himself some legitimate ways to gain income, and got right back in the studio, with a harder work ethic, and a Lamborghini drive. Instead of trying to remake, and recover lost material, Jon-Oh started off fresh with fresh new energy, and inspirations. With a style that only could be described as "raw" Jon-Oh's peers heard the new material and exclaimed that he should title the album "No Condom". He took the idea and ran with it.
  • Influences: eazy-e,mc-eiht,playa fly,z-ro
  • Sounds Like: Andre 3000, Devin the Dude
  • Member Since: 2012-11-05

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